Is There Really the “RIGHT” RUG for me?

Posted on February 18th, 2014 by Joshua Kebabian

Is There Really the RIGHT “RUG” for me? Some people think so 🙂  Trust Yourself…Relax….Enjoy!!! Fear Not the Carpet! Kebabian’s  “Home of the Most Beautiful Rugs” Come in and enjoy finding “YOUR” rug!      

Window Watch & Side Notes 2/7/2014

Posted on February 7th, 2014 by Joshua Kebabian

WINDOW LEFT    The lively Bakshayesh in WINDOW LEFT measures 9 x 11.9.  This piece was hand-knotted in northern Afghanistan by Turkmen women using handspun vegetally dyed local wool. The artist’s design is full of life and energy. The field’s backdrop looks like a beautiful blue sky.  The tall trees with their spreading branches breathe […]

Enjoying Life Where You Live

Posted on January 28th, 2014 by Joshua Kebabian

Enjoying Life Where You Live!   Kebabian’s customers love enjoying life where they live!  The Kebabian rug in this incredible home is a 19.4 x 14.3 Serapi. Our carpets are always pieces of art which make a statement by producing their own individual “vibe”. This stunning Serapi was hand-knotted in northern Afghanistan by Hazara women using […]

WINDOW WATCH – Enchanting Mamluk & Mesmerizing Nomad Modern

Posted on November 23rd, 2013 by Joshua Kebabian

WINDOW LEFT The enchanting Mamluk hanging in WINDOW LEFT measures 9.1  x 12.10.  This piece was hand-knotted in southwest Turkey using handspun vegetally dyed wool. The Mamluks were descendants of the white slaves of the grand-nephew of Saladin and were gentlemen and scholars. “The Mamluks made Cairo and Damascus, their two capitals, homes of civilization, […]

“This Is My House!”

Posted on October 29th, 2013 by Joshua Kebabian

Part of our mission is to have our rugs transform our customer’s homes into THEIR own unique vision.  For one of our customers, downsizing required a unique size to make the most of their new “simplified” living space.   An array of options was presented.  When he saw the photo of this striking Serapi, he smiled and […]

Window Watch – Got Style! Got Elegance!

Posted on October 14th, 2013 by Joshua Kebabian

WINDOW LEFT The stylish Tibetan “Kente” displayed in WINDOW LEFT measures 8.11 x 11.5.  This piece was hand-knotted in Nepal by Tibetan refugees using a blend of handspun vegetally dyed Himalayan and New Zealand wool.  The Himalayan wool provides strength and durability while the lanolin-loaded New Zealand wool keeps the carpet very soft. Short story  […]

Where Are Your Feet?

Posted on October 5th, 2013 by Joshua Kebabian

  In today’s hectic world knowing “where we are” at any given moment is a challenge! One helpful way is to know where your feet are and peacefully “LAND”  there, be fully engaged where you are and “SETTLE”. WHERE ARE MY FEET? One of the greatest joys of our business is hearing how much our customers […]