“This Is My House!”

Posted on October 29th, 2013 by Joshua Kebabian

Serapi  9.2 x 15.8  Pak/Afghan

Serapi 9.2 x 15.8 Pak/Afghan

Part of our mission is to have our rugs transform our customer’s homes into THEIR own unique vision.  For one of our customers, downsizing required a unique size to make the most of their new “simplified” living space.   An array of options was presented.  When he saw the photo of this striking Serapi, he smiled and stated, “I think I’m in love.”  A list of possibilities was presented and an appointment was made for him and his wife to make the final decision.

They came in, reviewed and she decided to go along with her husband’s choice of the Serapi which boldly states, “Here I am!”  As seasoned buyers of Kebabian’s they knew not to try to “control” the carpet too much, but simply let it do its job.  The carpet magnetically pulls the room together and causes the entire room to resonate with a fresh, welcoming and exuberant vibe!


Kebabian Carpet Making THEIR Home!

What can we say?  Wow!  Fear Not The Carpet – Enjoy It !

They have simplified their lives,  but certainly have NOT “retired”.  As soon as the door to their apartment opens, this stimulating Serapi draws you in to sit down and visit.  One can only imagine the well-seasoned conversations that will begin around this piece – serious, hilarious, constructive, heartwarming or thought provoking. Take your pick.

Whether they are returning from a recent art exhibit, a brisk walk, a board meeting, a swim at the pool or visiting an old friend, the Serapi will always make returning home, truly coming home.

At Kebabian’s, each piece is hand-picked by John Kebabian so that the colors, weave and design are working together harmoniously to achieve a beauty that is TIMELESS!  This Serapi was hand-knotted by ethnic Turkmen Afghans in Attock, northern Pakistan using naturally dyed, handspun Karakul wool.

At Kebabian’s we encourage our customers to remember,  “Fear Not the Carpet – Enjoy It!”

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