Rug Cleaning & Repairs

You want your home to be clean and fresh. At Kebabian’s Rugs, your rugs are washed as if they were our own. Our process is time consuming and labor intensive, but necessary in order to ensure that your rugs get thoroughly cleaned.

Our Core Process

  1. Dusting – This is often the most time consuming part of the process. Before the wash, we beat the rugs to remove any impacted dirt deep down in the pile.
  2. Pre-treating – We employ the appropriate solvent or reagent to remove or mitigate any stains in the carpet.
  3. Washing – Rugs get a full soap and water wash front and back until they rinse clear. This process sometimes needs to be repeated several times, especially for very dirty rugs and carpets.
  4. Drying – Every rug and carpet behaves differently in the wash and we use our best judgment to determine which drying method is best (e.g. hung up to dry and subjected to heat and forced air or laid flat on our roof to be exposed to natural sunlight).

Rug Repair

When it comes to rug repair, not only will our expert repair team do the job correctly, we will help advise you on potential work that can be done. You select the option that makes the most sense for you, even if it means less work for us. Our team can do everything from basic overcasting to complete reweaving.

Rug Cleaning & Repair Gallery