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Posted on October 14th, 2013 by Joshua Kebabian


#30942 Tibetan "Kente"  8.11 x 11.5  Afghanistan

#30942 Tibetan “Kente” 8.11 x 11.5  Nepal

The stylish Tibetan “Kente” displayed in WINDOW LEFT measures 8.11 x 11.5.  This piece was hand-knotted in Nepal by Tibetan refugees using a blend of handspun vegetally dyed Himalayan and New Zealand wool.  The Himalayan wool provides strength and durability while the lanolin-loaded New Zealand wool keeps the carpet very soft.

Short story  – this piece is very cool!  The design incorporates both European (tweed from Scotland) and African (Kente from the Ashanti in Ghana) influences which blend beautifully to create a carpet that is both modern and stylish. This carpet’s overall design of “Kente” and “tweed” building blocks produce a solid and interesting foundation which is simple to design around.  The classic “Kente” skirts on the ends of the carpet handsomely ground this piece.  The rich palette of madder red, natural ivory, indigo, cocoa, teal and aqua provides the homeowner fantastic options.  The Tibetan “Kente” would work magnificently in many settings, bringing style, order, and a happy energy to a room!


#36941  Khotan  8.6 x 12 Afghanistan

#36941 Khotan 8.6 x 12 Afghanistan

The elegant Khoton displayed in WINDOW RIGHT measures 8.6 x 12.  This piece was hand-knotted in northern Afghanistan by ethnic Turkmen women using handspun vegetally dyed Ghazni wool.  The natural dyes create a lovely “abrash”, a variable change in color due to the natural dyes.   After the knotting these carpets undergo an extreme finishing process.  First, they are given a heavy soap & water wash followed by a deep shearing, then a beating/dusting and finally, an “antiquing” process involving exposure to long periods of direct sunlight. The entire process is repeated until the carpet has acquired the right look.  The fine weave and “antiquing” process for a carpet this size requires  almost a year before it is ready for market.  The beauty achieved is worth the investment!

The field is filled with Oriental medallions which give the appearance of a mosaic tile floor. The outermost guard border is a beautiful blue, followed by an inner guard border representing thunder.   Although the color palette of blue, natural ivory, cocoa and straw is soothing and quiet, the main border’s design radiates energy and prevents the carpet from simply being “quiet” on the floor.

Like all Kebabian carpets, the Tibetan “Kente” and “Antique” Khotan are not merely functional floor coverings, they are “players” , bringing a major contribution to the statement the rooms they furnish are making.  Kebabian’s – Rugs That Make a Home and a Statement!

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