Where Are Your Feet?

Posted on October 5th, 2013 by Joshua Kebabian


In today’s hectic world knowing “where we are” at any given moment is a challenge!

One helpful way is to know where your feet are and peacefully “LAND”  there, be fully engaged where you are and “SETTLE”.


"Where Are Your Feet?"

Handsome & Charming Shirvan ca 1925 – Engaging Turkmen Sultanabad

One of the greatest joys of our business is hearing how much our customers LOVE our rugs and relish  “LANDING” on them.  Whether the Kebabian carpet is in the kitchen where they are making dinner, in their office where they are figuring things out or chatting in the living room, our  carpets create the ambiance they desire.

May your feet be happy wherever they land today.

Please consider stepping over to Kebabian’s and help us help you find the carpet for many continued happy landings.

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