Window Watch 6/20/2014 Quintessential Bakshayesh & Intriguing Tibetan Kente

Posted on June 27th, 2014 by Joshua Kebabian


Bakshayesh  9.1 x 11.8   Afghanistan

Bakshayesh 9.1 x 11.8 Afghanistan

The QUINTESSENTIAL Bakshayesh hanging in WINDOW LEFT   measures 9.1 x 11.8.  This piece was hand-knotted in northern Afghanistan by Turkmen women using handspun vegetally dyed local wool over a period of 6-7 months. The Bakshayesh is a more primitive form of the Heriz.  Though the design of the Bakshayesh is not as evolved, its simplicity and appeal speaks volumes!

The color palette of madder red, forest green, tan, chestnut, orange, ivory, blue and sky blue are made from vegetal dyes giving an organic/natural appeal.  The inner and outer twin guard borders are composed of simple and charming floral chains set off splendidly in tan and madder red. The ivory main border filled with small free-floating elements and whimsical geometric flowers creates an ideal backdrop to set off the rich colors of the powerful design.

Captivating motifs fill each corner of the lush outer field of forest green, also loaded with smaller free-floating elements. The “emptiness” of the inner field showcases the  abrash (variation in color due to dye lots) of the rich and deep madder red defined by a intriguing tan border.  The fascinating blue medallion (window to heaven) grounded by four light blue large elements and two green “pendulums”  irresistibly draws you in.

This QUINTESSENTAIL (the essence of something in its purest form) piece flawlessly achieves all one could desire of an Oriental carpet: an artist’s unique design expertly hand-knotted from quality materials achieving beauty and functionality.

This piece is a work of art that  will “please the eye and satisfy the mind”,  Rosa Bell Holt. The carpet will also  give your restless and tired feet a splendid place to land and rejuvenate! 


#36321   Fine Tibetan Kente   Wool and Silk  Nepal

#36321 Fine Tibetan Kente Wool and Silk Nepal

The INTRIGUING fine Tibetan Kente hanging in WINDOW RIGHT measures 9.1 x 12.  This piece  was woven in Katmandu, Nepal by Tibetan refugees using blended local Himalayan and New Zealand wools over a period of six months. Other than the blue portions of the carpet which are naturally dyed wool from indigo; all the areas of the carpet are undyed wool and silk.

This piece is highly unusual because two different weaving techniques are used. The three dimensional appearance is achieved by the pile of the traditional knotting cut higher than the loop pile. The end result of the “sculptured” Tibetan Kente is stunning!

This piece was inspired by West African Kente cloth which comes from Kumasi, Ghana and is woven by the Ashanti people. The traditional color palette of Kente cloth is strong primary colors. The artist decided to adjust the color palette for a quieting effect that is very easy on the eye.

The Kente textile design utilized in a floor covering works magnificently! The color palette is calming while the geometry of the design stimulates the mind. The effect is a peaceful rejuvenation that is fresh and timeless!


Oriental & Occidental Rugs  Antique and Modern by Rosa Belle Holt

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