Pets & Kebabian’s on Pinterest!

Posted on June 12th, 2013 by Joshua Kebabian


Our latest post on Pinterest entitled, ‘Pets & Kebabian’s’ will surely bring a smile to your face!  This board is the perfect example of  a Kebabian carpet making a house a home, just like your pet!

Leonard Braunschweiger states, “Discovering that right rug is instantaneous love, like finding the perfect pet!”  A Kebabian carpet, like a pet, is unique, has personality, energy, charm and good looks!

A Kebabian carpet is meant to be walked on and enjoyed, not only your family and friends, but your pet as well!  Remember to follow us on Pinterest for more photo inspiration and feel free to submit photos of your own Kebabian carpet.  View more of the ‘Pets & Kebabian’s’ board here: ‘Pets & Kebabian’s’ and stay tuned for Pinterest posts in the near future.

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