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Posted on March 26th, 2013 by Joshua Kebabian

At Kebabian’s Oriental Rugs in Downtown New Haven,  we are changing our window displays weekly with a vast array of beautiful rugs.  Follow WINDOW WATCH to view details on the latest gorgeous carpets gracing Kebabian’s windows!


#34589 - Fine Tibetan

#34589 – Fine Tibetan – Sale Price $4,995

The carpet displayed in the left hand window is a Fine Tibetan carpet, measuring 9 x 12.3.  This eye-catching piece is a traditional Tibetan design, ” Nima Metok”, or Sunflower.  It was woven with vegetally dyed, handspun blended Himalayan and New Zealand wool.

The contrast between the subtle chenille green of spring and the fresh blue backdrop is simply lovely.


#32205 - Very Fine Keshan

#32205 – Very Fine Keshan – Sale Price $5,995

The carpet displayed in the right hand window is a very Fine Keshan carpet, measuring 9 x 11.3 hand-knotted with handspun, vegetally dyed wool in Afghanistan.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.  If this exquisite Keshan was dissected into 4 or 50 pieces, individually each piece would be a work of art.  Like a great symphony, the Mohtashem Kashan, the whole far outweighs the sum of its parts.

John Kebabian provided Afghan Turkmen with a photo of an original antique Persian Mohtashem Keshan. Recreating an exquisite and detailed carpet is no small undertaking.

The Afghan recreation  woven with handspun, vegetally dyed wool is  filled with traditional Keshan elements:  split lotus leaves,  medallion (window to heaven), vases in the borders,  palmettes, etc. is  worthy of its inspiration.   The Turkmen’s intricate and graceful Keshan, exudes depth and beauty.

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