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Posted on July 20th, 2013 by Joshua Kebabian



#31573 – Sarouk Ferreghan – 9 x 12.5 – India

A re-creation involves much more than a simple copying of a design.  To do a re-creation properly, having the right materials and the proper workmanship is paramount.  The re-creation of the antique Sarouk Ferreghan was a huge success! The lovely carpet displayed in WINDOW LEFT measures 9 x 12.5.  The color palette includes ivory, navy, rose, teal, pine green, and apricot. The medallion running the length of the ivory field is charming .

The weaver’s meticulous attention to detail achieved Walter Hawley’s description of a Sarouk, “Very few other rugs have such short-cut wool, which has a velvety appearance, (and feel!) rendered more effectively by the soft, rich colours that are always in perfect harmony and excellent taste.”  The velvety feel of this classic Sarouk design carpet was achieved by finely hand-knotting worsted New Zealand wool, which is legendary also for its durability.

Recently, a couple came in and wanted only Sarouks.  We were able to fully satisfy their request with carpets from this spectacular production.  It was a thrill to see the carpets contribute to their lovely and inviting home which included exquisite paintings, a charming collection of figurines from their travels, a grand piano and a welcoming couch beautifully upholstered in stripes with a scattering of cheerful birds.   The elegant Sarouks beautifully grounded and framed their rooms.  This is a home where many happy conversations, debates and dreams are shared.     

                                                                        WINDOW RIGHT                                                                                          

#36456 - Ikat - 9 x 12 - Afghanistan

#36456 – Ikat – 9 x 12 – Afghanistan

The engaging and jubilant Ikat design  carpet in WINDOW RIGHT measures 9 x 12. This carpet was hand-knotted in northern Afghanistan by Turkmen women using handspun vegetally dyed Ghazni wool.

The energetic Ikat bursts with colors of gold, aubergine, green, periwinkle and madder red.

The design was inspired by Ikat textiles which are produced by  using a technique to pattern textiles that employs a “resist dyeing” process akin to tie-dying.  The word ikat comes from the Malay word “mengikat” , or “to tie”.   The artistry characteristically exudes bright colors woven  into intricate and whimsical patterns.

This Ikat has a charming individuality which emanates a happy energy. Despite not having the traditional symmetry of an Oriental carpet, the artist’s work is not chaotic and the balance is unmistakable.  The music of this piece is jubilant as it marches to its own drummer.

At Kebabian’s we do not merely sell functional floor coverings.  We offer carpets with a presence and a personality. Interior designer Mary Douglas Drysdale states “Oriental and decorative rugs echo the architectural feel and proportion of a room far more effectively than plain carpeting.  They endow the floor with a special richness and create a vocabulary of decoration that is comfortable.  They generate a wonderful rhythm from room to room.” 

We encourage our customers to enjoy the selection process.  Whether you know the type of rug you love or are interested in the latest trends, Kebabian’s has the right (and  best) rugs for you!

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