Window Watch: Shimmering Tibetan and Captivating Kazakh

Posted on September 10th, 2015 by Joshua Kebabian


Tibetan with Phoenix Weave 9 x 12

Tibetan with Phoenix Weave 9 x 12




The Chandy Shimmer Tibetan hanging in WINDOW LEFT measures 9 x 12. The local weavers employed a Phoenix weave. “The hard twisted wool for this quality is triple dyed and washed in small pot batches to enhance the natural color variations. The variegated color and enhanced texture also gives the collection a sophisticated, yet casual, look, along with a unique character varying from piece to piece.” Bamboo silk provides the “shimmer”

 Although the artist only employed 2 colors: silver & ecru, the effect is anything… but boring! The artist’s fanciful design embraces imagination, fashion, fun and individuality.

     The SHIMMERING Tibetan will bring spontaneity, style, and merriment to a space!






Afghan Kazakh 9.3 x 11.9 Sale Price $3,888.

Afghan Kazakh 9.3 x 11.9 Sale Price $3,888.


The CAPTIVATING Kazakh hanging in WINDOW RIGHT measures 9.3 x 11.9. This stunning piece was hand-knotted in northern Afghanistan by four Afghan women using handspun wool over a period of 6 months.

  Whimsical motifs bursting from the bright sky blue field float merrily along creating a playful vibe. The complexity of the design stimulates the imagination, while the intriguing use of gold and cobblestone grounds the piece.

If you are looking to create an atmosphere where great ideas float freely, yet able to be pinned down, this CAPTIVATING Kazakh is the ticket!

“Men admire the man who can organize

their wishes & thoughts

in stone & wood & steel & brass.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dreams and ideas permeate the atmosphere of the Kazakh, while the gold and cobblestone provide grounding – giving them the legs to carry those ideas into the world.

Sale Price $3,888.

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