Window Watch – Auspicious “Nima Metok” Tibetan & Enchanting Afghan Heriz

Posted on April 1st, 2015 by Joshua Kebabian


#34587    Tibetan Sunflower   9 x 12.3     Clearance   $4,995

#34587 Tibetan Sunflower 9 x 12.3 Sale Price $4,995

     The AUSPICIOUS “NIMA METOK” Tibetan hanging in WINDOW LEFT measures 9 x 12.3.  This piece was woven in Nepal by local weavers over a period of six months using vegetally dyed, handspun, blended Himalayan and New Zealand wools. The all-natural lush wools warmly welcome bare feet.

     The sunflower or “Nima Metok” design is a traditional Tibetan design.  The Sunflower represents good luck and is considered very auspicious. The artist thoughtful design fills the rich blue field with spring green sunflowers set in a balanced and whimsical pattern. The tendrils bring movement and life to the piece.

     The subtle color palette peacefully grounds a space while the playful design brings in a happy energy.

   Take your shoes off, rest and think happy thoughts on an absolutely charming and auspicious Kebabian carpet. ü



#34834   Afghan Heriz    8.10 x 11.6  Clearance $4,995

#34834 Afghan Heriz 8.10 x 11.6 Sale Price $4,995

The ENCHANTING Heriz  hanging in WINDOW RIGHT measures 8.10 x 11.6. This delightful piece was hand-knotted by Hazara women in northern Afghanistan using handspun vegetally dyed wool over of 7-8 months. Producing a “Fully Functional, Uniquely Beautiful”  piece of art which will endure requires time. The end result is always well worth it!

“Craftsmanship isn’t like water in an earthen pot,

to be taken out by the dipperful until it’s empty.

No, the more drawn out the more remains.” 

Lloyd Alexander, Taran Wanderer

     The unusual color palette includes rose, madder red, slate blue, navy, pale yellow, ivory and a splendid laurel green. The artist’s decision to utilize two shades of red as the dominant colors of the piece works fabulously.

     The inner madder red field is unusual. Close examination reveals scorpion tails, which represent knowledge, emerging into the medallion and emanating out towards the ivory field. The ivory outer field breathes in air while beautifully framing the warm red field. The primitive forms of flowers and vines create an inescapable charm.

     The human touch is unmistakable.

Like a handmade quilt, “the real” in a lovely hand-knotted carpet,

peacefully envelops the space with a warmth, beauty and charm. ü

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