Window Watch 9-4-2014 Sagacious Serapi & Tibetan with “Skyscraper” Apeal

Posted on September 5th, 2014 by Joshua Kebabian


#37337    Serapi    8.10 x 12.3  Afghanistan

#37337 Serapi 8.10 x 12.3 Afghanistan

              Sagacious Serapi

The handsome Serapi hanging in WINDOW LEFT measures 8.10 x 12.3. This piece was hand-knotted in northern Afghanistan by four Turkmen women within 6 months using handspun vegetally dyed Ghazni wool.

In an excellent carpet every color is a “player” bringing up the surrounding “fellow” colors to make one powerful team! The touches of sky blue, forest green and aubergine sublimely ground the deep rich colors of madder red, tan and indigo, while the ivory showcases all the fascinating designs. The artist’s unexpected use of color is extremely effective.

 The graphics are primitive, yet the design is sophisticated and laden with meaning. Serapis are often noted for their large and strong medallions (windows to heaven) and this piece is no exception. The scorpion design, which represents knowledge, emanates in all directions from the central medallion, which encompasses the carpet from north to south and east to west. Throughout the piece are stylized floral elements adding charm and representative of the coming paradise.

 All the designs in a carpet are intended to enhance and empower the spaces they inhabit. This piece has an intense vibe that embraces knowledge and is hopeful for the future.


#37381  Fine Tibetan   9 x 12.4    Tibet

#37381 Fine Tibetan 9 x 12.4 Tibet

             Tibetan has

     “Skyscraper” Appeal

The fine Tibetan hanging in WINDOW RIGHT measures 9 x 12.4. This very cool piece was handwoven in Kathmandu, Nepal by 3/4 Tibetan and Nepali weavers over a period of about 4 months using handspun Himalayan wool.

The alluring color palette includes a backdrop of gorgeous shades of blue with a large scale, well-defined wrought iron element transforming from steel gray to charcoal bringing added interest to the piece. The artist’s use of color and design creates a modern, sleek look.

This innovative design produces an environment that is both visually and “materially” fresh!  ”Unlike machine-made carpets made from nonrenewable petroleum products which may emit toxic fumes, Oriental rugs are made of only natural materials which “breathe” naturally, outlive their machine-made counterparts and are recyclable.” Alix G. Perrachon.

The artist’s modern, sleek and fresh design will bring sophistication to the space it inhabits. The Wrought Iron “GATEWAY” with its timeless style will transport flawlessly into the future!

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  1. johan says:

    wow its color are so beautiful ..
    your carpet looking very good look ….

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