Window Watch 6/21

Posted on July 3rd, 2013 by Joshua Kebabian



The antique Bakshaesh displayed in WINDOW LEFT measures 8.5 x 11.5.  The Bakshayesh was hand-knotted in northwest Persia using vegetally dyed handspun wool, circa 1910.  The severe abrash (a variation of color due to the dyes) is reminiscent of a mountain that has been carved out by weather over time, yet the artist’s design powerfully emanates.

The rich, ruddy  brown tone grounds the piece.  Beginning at the outside guard boarder, branching its way throughout the luminous, pale sky blue quadrants, into the red field and finally coming to rest on the center medallion.  The beautiful medallion is like a translucent stained glass window.  The use of salmon, navy blue, sky blue, red and the rich ruddy  brown is exquisite.  A playful turtle design fills the main border.  The severe abrash of the piece creates a rugged beauty that is impossible to duplicate!

The weathering of this piece of over 100 years has given a strong, yet quiet beauty.  It has an unusual color combination and is in very good condition.  The Baksheyesh exemplifies interior designer, Ronald Bricke’s statement, “ I would rather have something beautiful and unusual but a little worn than something pristine and ordinary.”



The understated  Fine Gabbeh displayed in WINDOW RIGHT measures 8.3 x 11.7.  It was hand-knotted in southwest Persia by Kashkuli women, using handspun, un-dyed natural wool from their own sheep.

The word Gabbeh comes from the Persian meaning raw, natural and uncut.  Gabbeh’s are known for their simplicity, charm and the extensive use of the rectangle.  In this piece a chunky block pattern is used incorporating various shades of brown – tan, sepia, sienna and chestnut  and also utilizes a natural ivory.  The abrash travels throughout the piece.  The weaving of the natural ivory and chestnut gives the innermost border  a nice tweed  effect.  The block pattern is perfectly balanced creating a tranquil atmosphere.

Unlike many Gabbehs, this piece is finely woven giving the wool a velvety feel.  Absolutely NOTHING could be more natural or non-allergenic than this fine Gabbeh.  Made with a clean wool-on-wool foundation, no dyes, no harsh chemicals, etc.  It is extremely durable.  Remember, all of Kebabian Carpets are meant to be walked on, lived on and enjoyed everyday!

This Gabbeh is a very modern, minimalistic piece.  It would be a perfect addition to any contemporary home.

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