“Utilitarian Functions Do Not Deprive Them of Their Artistic Qualities”

Posted on July 6th, 2015 by Joshua Kebabian

 Fully Funnctional, Uniquely Beautiful

Afghan Serapi “Getting Down to Work!”

Afghan Serapi

Afghan Serapi

                “Although carpets are part of the comfort of everyday Oriental life, their utilitarian functions do NOT deprive them of their artistic qualities.   Their value is the obvious result of complex decoration, precious materials and the inherent worth of a craft, that has been carried on and developed through the work of centuries.  Research shows that carpets are formed by a highly involved evolutionary relationship between a variety of materials, regional peculiarities and a wealth of symbols.  Carpet-making is an art form.”   Carpets of the Orient, Ludmila Kybalova & Dominique Darbois


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