Soft Color Collection

Posted on February 26th, 2013 by Joshua Kebabian

Our “Soft Color Collection” includes some of the most gorgeous carpets made today.  Many of these pieces come from northern Afghanistan and northern Pakistan, and are hand-knotted by ethnic Turkmen and Hazara people.

Achieving this level of beauty is very labor intensive.  After the knotting (a.k.a. “weaving) these carpets undergo an extreme finishing process. First, they are given a heavy soap & water wash followed by a deep shearing, then a beating/dusting and finally, an “antiquing” process.  The entire process is repeated until it is determined the piece has the right look.  For the finer weaves in this collection, it can take close to a year to make a 9 x 12.  That employs four weavers and a handful of finishers.  That’s a lot of time but it’s well worth it!

The jazz piano music playing in the background was performed by  a twelve year old Christian Sands, who hails from New Haven.  He is now twenty-three and has already been nominated for two Grammys.  We encourage you to follow him on his website:

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