“Love of Beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.” Window Watch

Posted on July 8th, 2015 by Joshua Kebabian


"Electrek" Tibetan 9 x 12

“Electrek” Tibetan 9 x 12


     The Camo Trek Tibetan hanging in WINDOW LEFT emanates energy!  This unique carpet measures 9 x 12 and was hand-woven in Nepal by local weavers using Himalayan wool and real silk, the ratio being 80% wool/20% silk.     The unusual contemporary design and color palette of varying shades of gray, pops of chartreuse and citron, earthy brown, black and highlights of ivory stops you in your tracks to take a closer look.

     As you study the piece, you are intrigued by the sculptured design, which is achieved by expert clipping and the artist’s distribution of colors.

      The artist’s drawing stimulates your mind to consider a variety of possibilities: “an aerial view from an airplane”, “the beginning of life as the spring greens emerge from the landscape”, “a piece suitable for the age of technology”, etc.

     Whatever one’s favorite idea for the meaning of this piece, what is clear, is that the artist’s use of color and design is eye-catching and arouses a natural curiosity. The color palette is fresh and it breathes.

     This handsome piece will transmit life and energy into a space.

One will never grow weary of its unassuming, yet powerful vibe.

We are confident one will only gain energy from the modern and sleek, Camo Trek  Tibetan!


Antique Sarouk Ferreghan 9 x 12.4 Persia

Antique Sarouk Ferreghan 9 x 12.4 Persia

     The antique Sarouk Ferreghan is Persia’s Finest Example of Textile Art.  The antique Sarouk Ferreghan hanging in WINDOW RIGHT dates from the last quarter of the 19th century. This piece measuring 9 x 12.4 was hand-knotted in western Persia (location of finer carpet production) by 4 women over a period of 10-12 months using handspun, vegetally dyed, local wool. “Some of those old pieces have been regarded by the Persians themselves as THE best examples of textile art.” This lovely piece would fall into that category.

     This carpet has the hallmarks of the classic Ferreghan; a hexagonally shaped central medallion with serrated edges and two pendants, an inner field bursting with a variety of flower clusters, five guard stripes and the timeless turtle design filling the main border.

     The artist’s skillful use of color creates an ambiance that is especially pleasing – deep hues of red, blue, chestnut and green highlighted by a soft blush, pale greens and ivory. The abrash (variation of color due to different dye lots) adds texture and makes the human “handprint” unmistakable.

     Ferreghans are noted for their harmonious coloring and design of floral elements, an elaborate design that is also restful to the eye. This elegant antique Sarouk Ferreghan creates an atmosphere that SATISFIES MAN’S LONGING FOR BEAUTY & CONTENTMENT.

“Love of beauty is taste.  The creation of beauty is art.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson



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