Kebabian’s Estate Sale of Oriental Rugs Is Coming This Summer!

Posted on May 22nd, 2013 by Joshua Kebabian

Sampling Spotlight


Antique Serab - 2.10 x 7

Antique Serab – 2.10 x 7

Designer Darren Henault states that, “Rugs have texture and soul …  A worn, used rug with history adds so much to a room, I like anything that has life to it.  An old rug is like an old pair of slippers.  It takes all the newness out and brings the room’s energy down.”

Thus giving the room a sense of history and making it more of a “Home”

An antique Serab is almost always a runner with a medium to heavy pile.  These carpets were hand-knotted in northwest Persia by Azeri people using wool from sheep on a wool foundation.  This striking Serab has the classic Serab border containing a square of nine colorful dots, three rows of three, alternating with a rossette which resembles a turtle or crab.  The indigo medallion on a field of camel is also typical of a Serab.  The camel color was probably derived from walnut husks.

This original village piece has a whimsical design and balance.  The detailed, geometric medallion is quieted by the camel background.  The antique Serab makes an impressive statement that is not overpowering.

Kebabian’s, “Rugs That Make a Home!”  Stay tuned for more details about the Kebabian’s Estate Sale of Oriental Rugs that will enable you to add some “life” to your home at irresistable prices!

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