Go Suzani!

Posted on November 30th, 2012 by Joshua Kebabian

Very Fine Suzani – Red – Wool & Silk – 9 x 12″

Fine Suzani – Blue – Wool – 5′ x 8’2″
Fine Suzani – Natural – Wool – 3′ x 5’3″

Suzanis are textiles from Central Asia, mainly Uzbekistan, that are usually silk embroidered linens with fertility design elements (e.g., “paisleys” representing mother-with-child) that are primarily used as bedspreads.

Many antique Suzanis provide inspiration for fine hand-knotted carpets such as those we order from the best weavers in northern Afghanistan, many of whom happen to be ethnic Uzbek and Turkmen women.  These are absolutely gorgeous carpets that can work in just about any setting:  from traditional to contemporary.  GO SUZANI!

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