“Evolved” Serapi & “Terrace Tibetan

Posted on April 30th, 2015 by Joshua Kebabian


#37528  Afghan Serapi  9 x 11.2  $4,995

#37528 Afghan Serapi 9 x 11.2 $4,995

 The “EVOLVED” Afghan Serapi design carpet measures 9 x 11.2.  This Serapi was hand-knotted in northern Afghanistan by Turkmen women using vegetally dyed, Ghazni wool over a period of 5-6 months.


“Rugs impart richness and represent refinement.  Since the days when ancient people first lay down to sleep wrapped in the skins of animals, the human intelligence has quickened, and as the race has become more civilized, rugs have gradually taken the place of skins.  The blending of colors in harmony as to please the eye and satisfy the mind.”

 “Weavers with a limited education dwelling among humble surroundings had Nature as their instructor.  The rare shadings and varied designs are excellent imitations of the forms and hues of the natural world.  The weavers have intuitively grasped what is correct in color from the works of nature surrounding them.  We reap the benefit in the rich specimens of their art.”    Rosa Belle Holt, Oriental & Occidental Rugs.

Today’s skilled artisans still follow the tried & true method of making beautiful carpets by using nature as inspiration.   We continue to “reap the benefit in the rich specimens of their art.”

The “EVOLVED” Serapi color palette is easy on the eye, the design is charming and stimulating.  The  simple medallion sweetly “buttons” down the charming piece which is blooming with life & a happy energy. Ü


#37561   Fine Tibetan  "Terrace"  9 x 11.2    Nepal

#37561 Fine Tibetan “Terrace” 9 x 11.2 Nepal


The fresh, satiny “TERRACE” Tibetan measures 9 x 12.   This spectacular piece was hand-woven in Nepal by local weavers using Himalayan wool and real silk, the ratio is 50% wool, 50% silk.

Like velvety moss, the ivory silk peacefully creeps over the grey terrace.  The soft color palette creates a calming and soothing atmosphere, while the artist’s  “uncontrolled” use of creamy silk throughout the piece brings spontaneity.  This unlikely coupling of quiet and “chaos” bring interest to the subtle, yet exquisite Tibetan, “Pleasing to the Eye & Satisfying to the Mind.”


     As in all beautiful Oriental carpets, the “Terrace” Tibetan creates a distinct location for rest, productive work and casual or critical conversations.

“Stand with me upon the terrace,

for it may be the last quiet talk that we shall ever have.”

Sherlock Holmes

     This piece would work gloriously in a variety of settings from bedrooms to living spaces to offices….creating a memorable and poignant atmosphere. 

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