Designing Your Living Room with a Rug

Posted on May 13th, 2016 by Peggy

Designing Your Living Room with a Rug


     The enchanting Agra fabulously grounds the lovely living room, enhancing the quality of life within the space.  The quiet and soothing color palette creates a calming atmosphere, while the furnishings maintain a high level of sophistication.


The Rug…Player vs. Spectator


     The room-sized carpet, beautifully framed by the wood flooring, anchors the room in a glorious fashion.  The elegant Afghan Agra equals the level of quality and beauty of the other elements in the room. If the carpet matched in color only, it could still work and be functional.  However,  if you want to move from “good enough” to great, it is essential in creating great design to have a carpet that is a “player” (not a spectator that appears out of place) that equals the caliber of the other elements “at play” in the room.




     Interior designer, Mary Douglas Drysdale values rugs for their ability to enhance an interior’s structure:  “Oriental and decorative rugs echo the architectural feel and proportion of a room far more effectively than plain carpeting. They endow the floor with a special richness and create a vocabulary of decoration that is comfortable.”  All elements come together in a harmonious fashion making life within the room more enjoyable.
      The right carpet, the enchanting Afghan Agra, brings the room “home” in a harmonious fashion, creating a space where life may flourish on all levels.
The Decorative Carpet, Alix G. Perrachon

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  1. kathleen lundgren says:

    Peggy, thank you! You and John were wonderful to do business with for many years! I fell in love with this rug and, fortunately, it worked well with things we already had. I love design and that you think Mary Douglas Drysdale would approve is fun!
    Kathleen Lundgren

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