Traditional Meets Contemporary

Posted on January 15th, 2013 by Joshua Kebabian

Very Fine Lahore carpet


Sometimes it is hard to imagine how a traditional Oriental rug will work in a home.  The design might appear to be too ornate, or one might fear that the rug will appear “dated”.   At Kebabian’s, each piece is cherry-picked by John Kebabian so that the colors, weave and  design are working together harmoniously to achieve  a beauty that is timeless.

This very finely woven Lahore carpet was hand-knotted in Lahore, Pakistan using, worsted New Zealand wool and local silk.  The design was inspired by an old Persian Keshan and because of the amount of detail, it required at least 400 knots per square inch.  This carpet took four expert weavers more than one year to make.  It is truly a masterpiece!

Kebabian rug of timeless beauty “Making a Home”

The gorgeous Keshan binds the furniture, artwork and accessories to create a distinctive dining room that invites warm conversation and a lovely setting for lasting memories. Notice how the burgundy in the carpet complements the cabinet in the hallway.

Designer Leonard Braunschweiger states, “Rugs do wonders in dining rooms because they ‘soften’ the hard edges of the furniture, creating a much-needed ambience and warmth in what can often be a stark-looking space.”

in other words the Kebabian Rug Makes the Room or Home!

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