Antique Kazakh

Posted on January 3rd, 2013 by Joshua Kebabian

Antique Kazakh

Antique Kazakh

This unusual and rare find was produced around the time Kebabian’s was beginning its New Haven operations.   This Kazakh is circa 1875 from the Southwest Caucasus, a.k.a the Lesser Causcasus.  This is a vintage rug with a bold design and strong colors.  The design is a Chelabird (Eagle) design with a Kufic border. The light blue guard border is unusual, which makes this piece so rare.

The reds are derived from madder root, the blues from indigo plant, the yellows from saffron and the dark brown/black is from  a combination of tree barks and nuts shells mixed with iron oxide.  This piece would have been woven on a horizontal nomadic loom using Ghiordes knotting (Turkish/Symmetric), wool pile on a wool foundation.  This Kazakh was made in a village by a tribesperson, quite possibly an Armenian woman.

This piece would give distinction and intensity to any room in a home or office.   Kebabian’s is pleased to have the opportunity to offer this piece to the discerning customer.


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