Trellis Transitional Handwoven Rug
Trellis Transitional Handwoven Rug 38416-Lattice_Fine_Handwoven_Transitional_Rug-8'9''x10'11''-India-1-Center 38416-Lattice_Fine_Handwoven_Transitional_Rug-8'9''x10'11''-India-1-Border

Trellis Fine Handwoven Transitional Rug


Dimensions: 8'9" x 10'11"
Rug #: 38416

Hand knotted in northern India by weavers using handspun Persian wool on a cotton foundation. The beautiful trellis design adds sophistication and a feeling of ease to the piece. During finishing, the carpet undergoes a rigorous antiquing process to soften the colors and achieve the right texture and look. The depth of tonality in this “two color” design is quite stunning.

This design and texture is a Kebabian’s collection and can easily be ordered in different sizes and colors.

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