Tibetan Contemporary Wool Rug
Tibetan Contemporary Wool Rug 53334_KAN002A-Qangtang_Tibetan_Ocean_Blue_Waves_Handwoven_Rug-8'1''x10'2''-Nepal-12 53334_KAN002A-Qangtang_Tibetan_Ocean_Blue_Waves_Handwoven_Rug-8'1''x10'2''-Nepal-14 53334_KAN002A-Qangtang_Tibetan_Ocean_Blue_Waves_Handwoven_Rug-8'1''x10'2''-Nepal-15 53334_KAN002A-Qangtang_Tibetan_Ocean_Blue_Waves_Handwoven_Rug-8'1''x10'2''-Nepal-16 53334_KAN002A-Qangtang_Tibetan_Ocean_Blue_Waves_Handwoven_Rug-8'1''x10'2''-Nepal-17 53334_KAN002A-Qangtang_Tibetan_Ocean_Blue_Waves_Handwoven_Rug-8'1''x10'2''-Nepal-6 53334_KAN002A-Qangtang_Tibetan_Ocean_Blue_Waves_Handwoven_Rug-8'1''x10'2''-Nepal-5 53334_KAN002A-Qangtang_Tibetan_Ocean_Blue_Waves_Handwoven_Rug-8'1''x10'2''-Nepal-1-Border 53334_KAN002A-Qangtang_Tibetan_Ocean_Blue_Waves_Handwoven_Rug-8'1''x10'2''-Nepal-10 53334_KAN002A-Qangtang_Tibetan_Ocean_Blue_Waves_Handwoven_Rug-8'1''x10'2''-Nepal-7 53334_KAN002A-Qangtang_Tibetan_Ocean_Blue_Waves_Handwoven_Rug-8'1''x10'2''-Nepal-9 53334_KAN002A-Qangtang_Tibetan_Ocean_Blue_Waves_Handwoven_Rug-8'1''x10'2''-Nepal-13 Tibetan Contemporary Wool Rug Tibetan Contemporary Wool Rug Tibetan Contemporary Wool Rug 53334_KAN002A-Qangtang_Tibetan_Ocean_Blue_Waves_Handwoven_Rug-8'1''x10'2''-Nepal-1-Center

Qangtang Tibetan Ocean Blue Waves Handwoven Rug


Our Qangtang Tibetan carpets are handwoven in Nepal using high altitude, long staple wool from the Qangtang (“Chang Tang”) plateaus of Tibet. The wool is of incredible quality, both strong and soft. And the dyes used are of vegetable dye materials. Our Ocean Blue Waves rug has fiber-blended wool. The undyed wool is dyed in a raw form, before being spun into yarn. (Normally spun yarn gets dyed first). This is what creates the unbelievable mixture of color you see in the rug.

PANTONE shades: We do our best to find the closest match to one or multiple colors in the rug. The shade card we choose may not always be the perfect one, but we do our best (it’s a lot of work)! At times we may show multiple shade cards so you can get a better sense of color. Finally, when photographing rugs from the same group (shipment, collection, SKU, etc.) we will often use one or two shade card(s) so that you can get a good sense of the coloration. Hope you enjoy viewing our beautiful rugs!

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