Mamluk Tribal Rug
Mamluk Tribal Rug 42430-Contemporary_Super_Fine_Mamluk_Blue_Green_Wool_Rug-8'10''x11'10''-Afghanistan-1-Border 42430-Contemporary_Super_Fine_Mamluk_Blue_Green_Wool_Rug-8'10''x11'10''-Afghanistan-6 Mamluk Tribal Rug Mamluk Tribal Rug 42430-Contemporary_Super_Fine_Mamluk_Blue_Green_Wool_Rug-8'10''x11'10''-Afghanistan-7 Mamluk Tribal Rug 42430-Contemporary_Super_Fine_Mamluk_Blue_Green_Wool_Rug-8'10''x11'10''-Afghanistan-5 42430-Contemporary_Super_Fine_Mamluk_Blue_Green_Wool_Rug-8'10''x11'10''-Afghanistan-8 42430-Contemporary_Super_Fine_Mamluk_Blue_Green_Wool_Rug-8'10''x11'10''-Afghanistan-1-Center

Mamluk Super Fine Handwoven Tribal Rug


Dimensions: 8'10" x 11'10"
Rug #: 42430

Super fine, hand knotted pile carpet made with natural dyes and handspun wool from Karakul sheep. The Karakul is the oldest breed of sheep in the world and considered to have the highest quality wool available. A truly magnificent piece.

Kebabian’s Bamyan Tribal Collection features some of the most awesome tribal rugs produced in the world today. Rugs in this collection are hand knotted in Afghanistan with handspun, vegetable dyed wool. The designs are based on antique tribal and village rugs, and the colors mostly contain reds, blues, greens and other stunning colors. John Kebabian began working with the families who produce these carpets in the early 90’s, and the relationship remains strong to this very day. Given the many years we’ve worked with them and serviced these rugs, we know firsthand that the quality is excellent.


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