27723-Fine_Persian_Tabriz_Rug-8'0''x10'2''-Persia-a 27723-Fine_Persian_Tabriz_Rug-8'0''x10'2''-Persia-b 27723-Fine_Persian_Tabriz_Rug-8'0''x10'2''-Persia-c

Antique Fine Persian Tabriz Rug

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Dimensions: 8'0" x 10'2"
Rug #: 27723

Hand knotted on the edge of the Caucasus mountains in Tabriz, northwest Iran. The Tabriz construction is double-wefted and the knots are woven using the symmetric Turkish knot. Tabriz has the largest range of designs and qualities of any manufacturing town in the whole of the Orient, so pieces needs to be assessed individually for quality and beauty. This piece was well made and undoubtedly is among the finest Persian Tabrizes.

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