Kashan oversized rug
Kashan oversized rug 33807-Fine_Kashan_Red_Navy_Wool_Rug-10'2''x14'0''-India-1-3 33807-Fine_Kashan_Red_Navy_Wool_Rug-10'2''x14'0''-India-1-2 Kashan rug Kashan rug 33807-Fine_Kashan_Wool_Rug-10'2''x14'0''-India-4 33807-Fine_Kashan_Wool_Rug-10'2''x14'0''-India-5 33807-Fine_Kashan_Wool_Rug-10'2''x14'0''-India-6 33807-Fine_Kashan_Wool_Rug-10'2''x14'0''-India-7 33807-Fine_Kashan_Wool_Rug-10'2''x14'0''-India-8 33807-Fine_Kashan_Wool_Rug-10'2''x14'0''-India-9

Fine Kashan Oversized Wool Rug


Dimensions: 12'0" x 15'2"
Rug #: 33908

Kebabian’s Persian Revival Collection features beautiful hand knotted rugs and carpets based on classic Persian and east Asian rug designs. The quality and workmanship is excellent across the board, the beauty timeless. This revival rug was hand knotted in India using fine wool and dyes.

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