43725_ESW404H-Essential_Wool_Knotted_Modern_Butter_Pecan_Rug-2'0''x2'0''-India-1 43725_ESW404H-Essential_Wool_Knotted_Modern_Butter_Pecan_Rug-2'0''x2'0''-India-2 43725_ESW404H-Essential_Wool_Knotted_Modern_Butter_Pecan_Rug-2'0''x2'0''-India-2-2 43725_ESW404H-Essential_Wool_Knotted_Modern_Butter_Pecan_Rug-2'0''x2'0''-India-3 43725_ESW404H-Essential_Wool_Knotted_Modern_Butter_Pecan_Rug-2'0''x2'0''-India-4 43725_ESW404H-Essential_Wool_Knotted_Modern_Butter_Pecan_Rug-2'0''x2'0''-India-1-Center

Essential Wool Knotted Modern Butter Pecan Rug



The Essential Wool Knotted Modern Collection is our flagship collection for high quality solid color wool rugs. The beauty of these rugs comes from their handspun wool texture and understated color variation, a.k.a. “abrash”. These rugs are made with the finest quality handspun wool available in India and are unbelievably soft to the touch. They are all natural, sustainable and cleanable, 100% made by hand. This collection has been developed in over twenty colors, all of which exceptionally gorgeous! Lead times are fast as can be for the Tibetan Loop Senneh knot, 60-90 days for a 9×12 (please confirm with us).

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