Afghan Maimana Handwoven Rug
Afghan Maimana Handwoven Rug 48282-left_side-48281-right_side-PANTONE-2 48282-left_side-48281-right_side-PANTONE-3 48282-left_side-48281-right_side-PANTONE-4 48281-Contemporary_Afghan_Maimana_Reserve_Kilim_Reversible_Undyed_Wool_Rug-10'1''x13'1''-Afghanistan-1-Border 48281-Contemporary_Afghan_Maimana_Reserve_Kilim_Reversible_Undyed_Wool_Rug-10'1''x13'1''-Afghanistan-6 48281-Contemporary_Afghan_Maimana_Reserve_Kilim_Reversible_Undyed_Wool_Rug-10'1''x13'1''-Afghanistan-5 Afghan Maimana Handwoven Rug Afghan Maimana Handwoven Rug 48281-Contemporary_Afghan_Maimana_Reserve_Kilim_Reversible_Undyed_Wool_Rug-10'1''x13'1''-Afghanistan-4 48281-Contemporary_Afghan_Maimana_Reserve_Kilim_Reversible_Undyed_Wool_Rug-10'1''x13'1''-Afghanistan-1-Center

Contemporary Afghan Maimana Reserve Kilim Reversible Undyed Wool Rug


Dimensions: 10'1" x 13'1"
Rug #: 48281

The Afghan Maimana Reserve kilims are all wool, 100% natural and sustainable. Our undyed Maimanas have neutral colors with beautiful, primitive designs. They are flatwoven and reversible. Kebabian’s has made a significant investment in the production of these beautiful carpets and has access to a reserve collection of only the very best pieces without compromise. Because of the size of our investment, we are able to offer these outstanding rugs to you, the end user at an unbelievable price.

PANTONE shades: We do our best to find the closest match to one or multiple colors in the rug. The shade card we choose may not always be the perfect one, but we do our best (it’s a lot of work)! At times we may show multiple shade cards so you can get a better sense of color. Finally, when photographing rugs from the same group (shipment, collection, SKU, etc.) we will often use one or two shade card(s) so that you can get a good sense of the coloration. Hope you enjoy viewing our beautiful rugs!

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