Antique Turkish Yuruk Handwoven Rug
Antique Turkish Yuruk Handwoven Rug 22383-Antique_Turkish_Yuruk_Tribal_Prayer_Rug-3'0''x5'0''-Turkey-9 22383-Antique_Turkish_Yuruk_Tribal_Prayer_Rug-3'0''x5'0''-Turkey-10 22383-Antique_Turkish_Yuruk_Tribal_Prayer_Rug-3'0''x5'0''-Turkey-5 22383-Antique_Turkish_Yuruk_Tribal_Prayer_Rug-3'0''x5'0''-Turkey-14 22383-Antique_Turkish_Yuruk_Tribal_Prayer_Rug-3'0''x5'0''-Turkey-12 22383-Antique_Turkish_Yuruk_Tribal_Prayer_Rug-3'0''x5'0''-Turkey-13 22383-Antique_Turkish_Yuruk_Tribal_Prayer_Rug-3'0''x5'0''-Turkey-11 22383-Antique_Turkish_Yuruk_Tribal_Prayer_Rug-3'0''x5'0''-Turkey-6 22383-Antique_Turkish_Yuruk_Tribal_Prayer_Rug-3'0''x5'0''-Turkey-1-Border 22383-Antique_Turkish_Yuruk_Tribal_Prayer_Rug-3'0''x5'0''-Turkey-4 Antique Turkish Yuruk Handwoven Rug Antique Turkish Yuruk Handwoven Rug 22383-Antique_Turkish_Yuruk_Tribal_Prayer_Rug-3'0''x5'0''-Turkey-7 22383-Antique_Turkish_Yuruk_Tribal_Prayer_Rug-3'0''x5'0''-Turkey-8 22383-Antique_Turkish_Yuruk_Tribal_Prayer_Rug-3'0''x5'0''-Turkey-1-Center

Antique Turkish Yuruk Tribal Prayer Rug


Dimensions: 3'0" x 5'0"
Rug #: 22383

Hand knotted in East Anatolia in the mid to late 19th century by nomadic weavers using 100% wool. A true masterpiece of history. The condition of the rug is very good. There is some fraying on the ends by the fringes. Importantly, the pile is intact.

Yuruk rugs, named after the Turkish word for “nomad,” embody the rich tradition of carpet weaving among Turkey’s nomadic tribes. Crafted in Eastern Anatolia, these rugs sometimes resemble carpets from the nearby Caucasus region. However, Yuruk rugs draw greater inspiration from older Turkish weaving styles further west, like those of Bergama and Oushak.

Like the earliest Turkish rugs, antique Yuruk rugs typically feature abstract and geometric designs. Floral motifs are rare, and when they do appear, they are highly stylized. The color palette of these rugs can offer clues to their age. Later pieces tend to favor darker, purpler hues, while richer and more varied colors suggest an earlier origin, possibly from the early nineteenth century.

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