26801-Antique_Shirvan_Kilim-5'1''x10'2''-Caucasus 26801-Antique_Shirvan_Kilim-5'1''x10'2''-Caucasus-b 26801-Antique_Shirvan_Kilim-5'1''x10'2''-Caucasus-c

Antique Shirvan Kilim Wide Runner Rug


Dimensions: 5'1" x 10'2"
Rug #: 26801

Handwoven on the slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, ca. 1890, but probably earlier. Local weaving tradition in the Shirvan region excelled in exploring the numerous possible variations using a limited palette of color to maximal effect. Shirvans are are generally more sophisticated than other antique rugs from the Caucasus. This antique Shirvan Kilim is absolutely stunning. The design is very unusual and the colors are gorgeous. The condition of this piece is very good.

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