Antique Shirvan Handwoven Rug
Antique Shirvan Handwoven Rug 36146-Antique_Shirvan_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x5'-Caucasus-9 36146-Antique_Shirvan_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x5'-Caucasus-11 36146-Antique_Shirvan_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x5'-Caucasus-6 36146-Antique_Shirvan_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x5'-Caucasus-15 36146-Antique_Shirvan_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x5'-Caucasus-14 36146-Antique_Shirvan_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x5'-Caucasus-16 36146-Antique_Shirvan_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x5'-Caucasus-17 36146-Antique_Shirvan_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x5'-Caucasus-18 36146-Antique_Shirvan_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x5'-Caucasus-12 36146-Antique_Shirvan_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x5'-Caucasus-13 36146-Antique_Shirvan_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x5'-Caucasus-1-Border 36146-Antique_Shirvan_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x5'-Caucasus-5 36146-Antique_Shirvan_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x5'-Caucasus-10 36146-Antique_Shirvan_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x5'-Caucasus-8 36146-Antique_Shirvan_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x5'-Caucasus-7 Antique Shirvan Handwoven Rug Antique Shirvan Handwoven Rug 36146-Antique_Shirvan_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x5'-Caucasus-4 36146-Antique_Shirvan_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x5'-Caucasus-1-Center

Antique Shirvan Handwoven Rug


Dimensions: 3'1" x 5'0"
Rug #: 36146

Hand knotted on the slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, ca. 1890, possibly earlier. Local weaving tradition in the Shirvan region excelled in exploring the numerous possible variations using a limited palette of color to maximal effect. Shirvans are finely knotted and are generally more sophisticated than other antique rugs from the Caucasus. This antique rug is in good condition with only small areas of foundation showing.

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