Antique Malayer Handwoven Rug
Antique Malayer Handwoven Rug 30442-Antique_Malayer_Handwoven_Rug-6'7''x16'7''-Persia-12 30442-Antique_Malayer_Handwoven_Rug-6'7''x16'7''-Persia-14 30442-Antique_Malayer_Handwoven_Rug-6'7''x16'7''-Persia-16 30442-Antique_Malayer_Handwoven_Rug-6'7''x16'7''-Persia-15 30442-Antique_Malayer_Handwoven_Rug-6'7''x16'7''-Persia-6 30442-Antique_Malayer_Handwoven_Rug-6'7''x16'7''-Persia-7 30442-Antique_Malayer_Handwoven_Rug-6'7''x16'7''-Persia-5 30442-Antique_Malayer_Handwoven_Rug-6'7''x16'7''-Persia-11 30442-Antique_Malayer_Handwoven_Rug-6'7''x16'7''-Persia-13 30442-Antique_Malayer_Handwoven_Rug-6'7''x16'7''-Persia-10 30442-Antique_Malayer_Handwoven_Rug-6'7''x16'7''-Persia-1-Center 30442-Antique_Malayer_Handwoven_Rug-6'7''x16'7''-Persia-9 30442-Antique_Malayer_Handwoven_Rug-6'7''x16'7''-Persia-8 Antique Malayer Handwoven Rug Antique Malayer Handwoven Rug Antique Malayer Handwoven Rug 30442-Antique_Malayer_Handwoven_Rug-6'7''x16'7''-Persia-1-Border

Antique Persian Malayer Handwoven Rug


Dimensions: 6'7" x 16'7"
Rug #: 30442

Beautifully worn antique Malayer carpet. This early 20th century piece features a lovely combination of colors that have softened with the passage of time.

Antique Malayer rugs were woven in the small town of Malayer, located south of Hamadan on the road to Arak. The location in relation to these towns is significant, since Malayer rugs exhibit characteristics of both Hamadan and Sarouk rugs and carpets. The designs range from diamond or hexagon shaped medallions to all-over patterns, such as the classic Herati pattern. Although Malayer rugs were produced are classically Persian, they tend to be fairly geometric and abstract in their renderings. Most Malayer rugs and carpets are single-wefted, resulting with white cotton warps being visible on the back of the rug. The soft coloration with occasional dark blues and reds, make Malayer rugs beautiful decorative pieces for elegant settings.

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