Antique Peking Pictorial Handwoven Rug
Antique Peking Pictorial Handwoven Rug 36563-Antique_Peking_Pictorial_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x3'0''-China-10 36563-Antique_Peking_Pictorial_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x3'0''-China-12 36563-Antique_Peking_Pictorial_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x3'0''-China-7 36563-Antique_Peking_Pictorial_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x3'0''-China-15 36563-Antique_Peking_Pictorial_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x3'0''-China-17 36563-Antique_Peking_Pictorial_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x3'0''-China-16 36563-Antique_Peking_Pictorial_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x3'0''-China-14 36563-Antique_Peking_Pictorial_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x3'0''-China-1-Border 36563-Antique_Peking_Pictorial_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x3'0''-China-6 Antique Peking Pictorial Handwoven Rug 36563-Antique_Peking_Pictorial_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x3'0''-China-4 Antique Peking Pictorial Handwoven Rug 36563-Antique_Peking_Pictorial_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x3'0''-China-13 36563-Antique_Peking_Pictorial_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x3'0''-China-11 36563-Antique_Peking_Pictorial_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x3'0''-China-8 36563-Antique_Peking_Pictorial_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x3'0''-China-9 36563-Antique_Peking_Pictorial_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x3'0''-China-5 36563-Antique_Peking_Pictorial_Handwoven_Rug-3'1''x3'0''-China-1-Center

Antique Chinese Picture Rug


Dimensions: 3'1" x 3'0"
Rug #: 36563

Exceptionally unique Peking Pictorial rug from northern China. Rich with symbolism, clouds hold a special place in Chinese culture. Seen as lucky signs, they represent peace, the heavens, and divine favor. Additionally, clouds bring images of happiness and good fortune. This piece was handwoven in the early twentiety century. For its age, it is in very good condition.

For centuries, the art of weaving carpets and textiles has flourished in China, especially in the northern Ningxia region. These exquisite creations eventually captured the attention of Western markets in the early 1900s. To meet this demand, production shifted from the provinces to the capital, then called Peking. This allowed for the creation of larger, more intricate carpets. Interestingly, the designs themselves evolved to become simpler and more asymmetrical, reflecting a shift towards modern Western “Art Deco” tastes in home decor.

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