29320-Antique_Akstafa-4'0''x9'7''-Caucasus-a 29320-Antique_Akstafa-4'0''x9'7''-Caucasus-b 29320-Antique_Akstafa-4'0''x9'7''-Caucasus-c

Antique Akstafa Runner Rug

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Dimensions: 4'0" x 9'7"
Rug #: 29320

Akstafa Rugs are one of the sub-categories of the broader category of Caucasian Rugs – sometimes classified with the Shirvan group – and originate from the region (southwest Shirvan) of Azerbaijan in the eastern Caucasus in the proximity of the Caspian Sea. Traditional Akstafa designs may typically include figures such as geometric-shaped birds inside the field of the rug or small cruciform hooked and/or diamond motifs within a large octagonal or star-shape medallion(s), typically bordered by small geometric flower patterns, animal figures or a combination of design elements. They are woven with the Turkish knot and although they are similar to Shirvan rugs they are often distinguished by a unique geometric peacock-like motif. This breaktaking piece is in excellent condition.

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