tribal bag wool rug
tribal bag wool rug tribal bag wool rug tribal bag wool rug tribal bag wool rug tribal bag wool rug tribal bag wool rug

Vintage Torba Tribal Bag Rug


Dimensions: 1'6" x 1'7"
Rug #: 50532

Beautiful vintage “Torba” Tribal Bag Rug from Afghanistan. Torbas are usually made using a combination of two types of weaving; handwoven and hand knotted. (See photos of the front and back.) They can be used as wall hangings, decoration, tiny doormats, etc. And they can also of course be stuffed and used as pillows, either now or down the road! We are able to stuff and hand-sew for an additional $150.00. Some folks also simply find a small pillow that fits inside (see attached photos). Each one of these “tribal bag rugs” has a lot of character. Because they are vintage, some will have broken or missing tassels; they are sold as is. They are all professionally washed/cleaned and ready for use. We recently took in a bulk shipment of vintage tribal goods from Afghanistan and we are here to offer them to you at an unbelievable price. First come, first serve! Note that for all our Torbas, we’ve used one Pantone shade card across the entire collection so that you can get a good sense of the coloration across the board. For some of these pillow rugs, a different shade card might have been better than the one shown. Happy viewing!

Every rug is photographed individually so that you know exactly what you’re getting! Yes, it’s a lot of work. Why do we do it? Because every rug is worth it!

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